Work begins with the frame being completely stripped & strenthened around the stand supports outriggers etc., with additional brackets added at this stage for electronic ignition (as required.) Your frame is then powder coated, flated and prepared for painting to positively eliminate the possibility of rust. The remainder of the panel work is blasted prior to inspection for any strengthening that maybe required especially around areas prone to breaking. The scooter is now ready to be expertly painted by absolute refinishing using 2-pack paints to ensure the very finest quality. Currently, it is popular for standard colour schemes to be chosen but the choice is entirely yours. The remaining parts of your Lambretta i.e. hubs, wheels, tank etc. are powder coated. A huge range of colours are available for coating and matching any colour to suite is not a problem Lastly, all the small metal parts are zinc plated, again to eliminate rust problems in the future. Now we are ready to begin re-building your Lambretta. Firstly we start with the engine. New high load bearings are fitted throughout along with NEW crankshaft (GP) barrel, head and piston. Seals are double lipped to provide long life and all new gaskets are fitted. New chain and alloy top tensioner are fitted along with a complete new clutch. All movement and timing is rigorously checked to a finite degree.
Secondly, the frame and forks. All new rubber gaskets and running board strips are fitted, with stainless steel nuts and bolts used throughout. New inner tubes and tyres of your choice are fitted. Forks are re-built with new rubber bushes and link bushes to finish off. We hope that in providing this document that you have some insight into what goes into preparing your Absolutely scooters Lambretta and provides some guarantee of the workmanship you can expect. It is also worth noting that any servicing or repair work you may require from time to time is also carried out to the same precise standards, nothing is too much trouble. As active scooterists ourselves we value the importance of reliability and quality.

We can also re-build your Lambretta to the above specifications.
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